FOUND: Expressions of Flatland

The following is a list of links to some of the remediations of Flatland that I encountered during my research on Flatland: A Romance of many Dimensions. Throughout the project I have been drawn to how this 1884 text has been transformed by readers and artists. It is interesting to see the different interpretations of a singular text.


An interesting composition. A magazine developed by Paulina Van Vliet for her Typography class (2015).
Mindfuck Math tumblr (one page talking about Flatland).  This is a math blog.


Books From the Future tumblr page: their version of Flatland Design blog. A collective response to Flatland.
Artist Paul Kolker’s rendition of Flatland in sculptures and paintings Artist response.
A very expensive rendition of Flatland from Arion Press created in 1980: FLATLAND: A Romance of Many Dimensions [With the Introduction “Flatland Revisited” by Ray Bradbury]
Posters that transform into 3D objects bringing the Victorian novel Flatland to life Flat to 3D Posters.


Flatland: The Movie   Watch here on Youtube.
Flatland Worldwide : Abbott & Flatland exhibition with video This is a Youtube video guided tour of the exhibition of Abbott at 75 and over 100. The collection includes coveted pre-publication copies of Flatland.
Vi Hart’s Playful Mathematics: Flatland on a mobius strip The story told on a Mobius Sstrip, and with a link to a short videoof the work.

Online versions of Flatland: copy of Flatland
Eldritch Press


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