Welcome to Romantic Dimensions! 

This semester, students in English 419 at UBC sought out items from the special and rare collection of books at the Barber Library. I found Flatland: A Romance of many Dimensions by Edwin Abbott Abbott, and this is what the blog is inspired by. A journal is one of the requirements.

So my research led me to the ways in which Flatland has been appropriated by artists, students, and publishers. I decided to compile a list of some of the things people have made in response to Flatland.

Once I started using the journal I felt as if I was creating my own version of the text. Like many others, I began exploring ways of capturing the essence of the text outside of its regular form. In this way, playing with an already established text allows the artist to interpret as well as re-present similar information or subtle undertones from within the original. (This is a lot of fun!)

Overall, the project aims to discover the history of a book. In this case, Flatland :A Romance of many Dimensions is tracked through time, not just as a republication, but also during new existence in film and art. The interaction between different mediums and an out of copyright text creates something new, and in this way, Flatland seems to reveal more about itself. The appropriation of the old through new media is a perfect way to reignite a story, and throughout these pages you will find my experiences with some of these artworks, as well as links to the electronic text, the movie, and more.



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